CPU Reset Procedures

The following procedure will reset the main CPU on the following receivers:-

All these receivers were manufactured by the same Company.

Whilst the basic features, specifications and performance of all these sets are very much the same later variants of the radio use a different reset procedure.

The AR-1000 and Fairmate HP-100/200 are reset by the same keystrokes but due to internal change in design the AR-2000, Camnis HSC-010, Fairmate HP-2000 and Trident TR-1200 are different from the above.


No responsibility will be accepted for damage caused to your receiver during or resulting from carrying out the following instructions.

You will Need:

What to Do:

If you are resetting an AR1000 or Fairmate HP100/200 the following keys should be pressed exactly as detailed below. If you are resetting a AR2000, HP2000, HSC-010 or TR-1200 then the later sets of keypad instructions should be used.

AR-1000 / Fairmate HP-100/HP- 200

AR-2000 / Camnis HSC-010 / HP-2000 / TR-1200

Turn the receiver off

Unsolder the piece of wire on the bottom board.

Rather than unsolder this wire you may consider placing a micro switch in line that will allow you to make and break this connection. Locating the micro switch in the battery compartment, or at least in a more accessible place will make any further reset considerably easier.

Re-assemble the radio including all wires, connectors and screws.

All memory contents will be lost and all search banks will be back at Factory settings.